14 01, 2021

Strawberry, Stracciatella, Vanilla… Do I really need all of these flavours in my freezer?

2021-02-12T09:42:45+01:0014 January 2021|

Two weeks ago I wrote a LinkedIn article about clearing obsolete and slow moving stock before deciding on the need for a bigger warehouse. But inventory that does move, is also worth a closer look. When comparing to my freezer at home, this concerns the “ice cream” in your warehouse. [...]

15 12, 2020

Why don’t we get rid of our dead stock?

2021-02-12T09:43:31+01:0015 December 2020|

Excess stock, obsolete stock, dead stock,… many terms to determine inventory that you no longer need in your company. The dictionary of APICS, a leading supply chain management association, defines “obsolete inventory” as: “… inventory that will never be used or sold at full value.  Disposing of the inventory may reduce [...]

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