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1101, 2021

Simple yet effective – the use of EOQ to calculate order size

11 January 2021|Tags: |

A few weeks ago, in another LinkedIn article, I compared stock management in your warehouse to your freezer at home. You decide which products to store and how much. Maybe you can buy smaller quantities of some products so that you have more space for others. But how do [...]

701, 2021

Master data management: there’s no escape!

7 January 2021|Tags: |

Two weeks ago I wrote the article "ERP software: a blessing or a curse?" about a number of prerequisites for the implementation of ERP software. In short, it is important that the software has the functionality your company needs, that your business processes are correctly “translated” into the software [...]

2712, 2020

Is your inventory of ping pong balls under control?

27 December 2020|Tags: , , |

People close to me, know that I have been playing table tennis, also known as ping pong, for over 30 years. For the first time in all these years, there were no ping pong balls when I arrived at the club for training yesterday. For 30 years, I have taken [...]

1512, 2020

Why don’t we get rid of our dead stock?

15 December 2020|Tags: , |

Excess stock, obsolete stock, dead stock,… many terms to determine inventory that you no longer need in your company. The dictionary of APICS, a leading supply chain management association, defines “obsolete inventory” as: “… inventory that will never be used or sold at full value.  Disposing of the inventory may [...]

312, 2020

Collaboration – the magic word in Supply Chain

3 December 2020|Tags: , |

In many smaller companies there is no overarching supply chain function. Production planning and inventory management are being done in the Operations department, while transport and customer service, for example, belong to the Sales department. Purchasing on its turn, is typically part of the Finance department. Ultimately, it doesn't [...]

2911, 2020

3 tips on how inventory management can boost customer service

29 November 2020|Tags: , , |

I was a production planner for over 10 years of my career, and I loved my job! I enrolled in this job because I love analysing and working with numbers. But what really was making me feel good driving home after a day at work was being able to have [...]

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